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So, what are the collectors doing? Should I bother to have a theory about this? Probably not, but here we go.


So, remember when the scavenger said that everything in the ocean seems to drift away from everything else? The only way that makes sense is if the planet is expanding. (It's like blowing up a balloon with dots drawn on it. All the dots get farther away from each other.)


Put this together with the map with the slowly growing sphere, the break symbol, and the symbol for the elemental water plane, and bingo bango, whisky tango -- the collectors are flooding these planets with water from the elemental plane through the break, which is some kind of dimensional portal.


Maybe they're going to drain the planets once they've drowned everybody, or maybe they're just huge fans of Waterworld, which would be worse.


Any other theories?

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I think they are collecting something.... That much I am sure.


Are they mass producing people? That would explain that girl seeing herself. Maybe using beings as an energy source or something.

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Yeah, I don't know what they're doing with the women. A wild guess would be that they're going to inhabit the clones at some point, or use them as incubators, since they're bodiless.


I think that the Collectors (I assume the Survivors named them that because they collect people, not because that's their real name) are trying to take over this plane of existence, but they need bodies to do it. They can't seem to do a whole lot of work on their own, which is why they kidnap and brainwash people to do it.


If we assume that they're from the water plane (because of that symbol that Blackie deciphered), maybe their physical form is going to be some kind of fish-man hybrid, so they can stay aquatic.

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Maybe they are some sort of creature from the air plane stealing all the water from the water plane. An element stealing campaign ala Spaceballs.

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