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A horror film starring Ron Howard's bat shit crazy brother Clint, written by the writers of Wedding Crashers and directed by Norman Apstein, a pseudonym used by director Paul Norman who is best known for...you guessed it, porn.


A young man witnesses the murder of his towns ice cream man and goes crazy. Ends up in an insane asylum for a few decades before being released as an older, creepier Clint Howard. Clint decides he wants to take over as the ice cream man to bring joy back to the community, but once he's on the truck his childhood memories come flying back and he sets out to get revenge.

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Guest DigitalMuaddib

How did this get missed? The 1995 awesomely bad horror film starring Clint Howard, Lee Majors II, and... Jan Michael Vincent, star of Airwolf. This film is so terrible it is amazing AND has a great close-up shot of a person eating ice cream with fake eyeballs in it. Get on it, guys!

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This needs to be done! Clint Howard cannot be recognized as often as he is on the show and this moved my overlooked!

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This movie is bananas!!! The close ups are revolting and so long!  I busted out laughing every time the doctor in the asylum talked about ‘Happy Happy Days’ Nod to Clint’s brother?  One thing that I really want to discuss is WHY is Tuna, the supposed “fat kid”, clearly wearing a pillow under his shirt?  

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