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    Dead Man Down

    Colin Farrell. Noomi Rapace, Terrence Howard. Directed by Niels Arden Oplev,the director of the rape fetish classic Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. Murder. Sex. Face scratches. That's right. Scratches on someone's face. A once beautiful face now ruined forever by minor scratches from an accident. Did anyone besides me see this movie? Did it make sense to anyone? I feel like someone is murdered every 5-10 minutes in broad daylight and yet police never show up. Not once. There were at least 5-10 times during this movie where it looked like things were coming together, and then as fast as things started to make sense they oozed back into a chaotic puddle of shit. 37% on rotten tomatoes.
  2. NotCombineReady

    Avatar (2009)

    I remember thinking that too. I didn't find out til after the movie that unobtainium is actually a word used in science. Before knowing that I wondered how they could be so unoriginal. I remember thinking "I guess cantfuckingfinditanywhereium was just slightly too long to go with"
  3. NotCombineReady

    Avatar (2009)

    Bumpity, bump bump. Went to FYI but the recommendations link kept saying it wasn't working. This movie was a $300M puddle of shit. People seem mesmerized by its story but it wasn't that inventive. And in fact, parts were downright creepy. I've never been paralyzed but that guy had sex with the na'vi pretty damn quick after getting there. He made giant leaps from "oh I can walk" to "oh I can run" to "oh I better get my dick wet on this planet that I'm not actually on". What was the turn around time on that? 3 minutes? I feel like it would take me a while before the thought of banging one of those giant smurfs even crossed my mind.
  4. NotCombineReady

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, does Jon Lajoie struggle to communicate with the rest of the cast of the League being as he is Canadian and the rest of the cast is normal?
  5. NotCombineReady

    Mac and Devin Go to High School

    Watched this on Netflix with the lady. Jesus Christ it's terrible. I knew it wouldn't be funny normally, but its not even funny while being geared towards stoners. There's not enough weed in the world to enjoy this.
  6. NotCombineReady

    The Bonezone

    This segment would be a discussion of which scene in the movie would have made the most awkward start to a porn scene.
  7. NotCombineReady

    "When I Saw the Trailer..."

    This segment would discuss your thoughts on the movie, using only the trailer and how it (most likely) in no way reflected the actual movie.
  8. NotCombineReady

    Q&A w/ Paul Scheer Thread

    Paul, if you were writing a movie starring yourself as a rebellious cop who bends the law in search of justice only to find that the law isn't meant to be stretched, who would be your ideal counterpart: Colin Farrell, Will Ferrell, or Pharrell Williams? No one else is available.
  9. NotCombineReady

    Ice Cream Man (1995)

    A horror film starring Ron Howard's bat shit crazy brother Clint, written by the writers of Wedding Crashers and directed by Norman Apstein, a pseudonym used by director Paul Norman who is best known for...you guessed it, porn. A young man witnesses the murder of his towns ice cream man and goes crazy. Ends up in an insane asylum for a few decades before being released as an older, creepier Clint Howard. Clint decides he wants to take over as the ice cream man to bring joy back to the community, but once he's on the truck his childhood memories come flying back and he sets out to get revenge.