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Top 5 inappropriate songs/artists targeting adolescent girls

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Ok, so here is my idea.Top 5 songs or artists or both with very catchy pop songs (basically songs for kids) that have very inappropriate themes. Here are some suggestions in no particular order. Britney spears, hit me baby one more time, a veiled reference at rough sex or enjoying s & m. Christina Aguilera Genie in a bottle, when she talks about rubbing her the right way there is no way she is not talking about rubbing her vagina/clit. Flo Rida, blow my whistle (does this need explanation?). Pussycat dolls,don't you wish your girlfriend? I cant hear this song without thinking don't you wish your girlfriend sucked penis or took it in the butt like me? And lastly Katy Perry Last friday night, incredibly catchy tune about hard drinking and casual/irresponsible sex. Love you guys.

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