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You shoulda said somethin

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Through out gaming, movies, books, and even history, there have been moments when people needed to speak up to avoid bad decisions.


Hey, Napoleon - Russia is big, gets really cold in winter, and the Russians would rather burn everything down than let you eat their food and stay in their homes.


Hey, Lindsey Lohan - Alcohol, drugs, and pantyless partying is not a good career move.


Hey, Luke - Get your mind out of the gutter; she's your sister.


Hey, Amarth - We wanted to talk to that guy.


You shoulda said somethin


Share your favorite "You should said somethin" moments from your favorite story, adventure with friends, or RPG campaign!

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This happened in my first game of DND ever.


One time a friend and I were starving for some gold so we took a bounty in a bar from some shady character, we were supposed to ambush a child in the forest nearby the town,


So we went into the forest and setup a trap that would swing a log down and knock the head off of the kid we were supposed to kill, what we didn't know was he was a prince of a powerful nearby nation.


So we're in the forest and waiting to spring our trap when the kid comes along with an escort, which we didn't expect, but we jump out anyways and start a fight, my buddy immediately takes a spear through the eye and is nailed to a tree, but as a save throw he rolled to see if he could throw his dagger just before to spring the trap, and crit. The trap sprung and the prince died. Unfortunately for me when the prince died, the entire council of the realm teleported in and wanted to kill me on the spot. I dropped to my knees and prayed to any god that would listen to grant me mercy, which I got a response from, I was told that if I challenged their mightiest warrior, I would be given strength and a weapon of equal status. I took some damage in the fight but ended up killing the guy who was actually played by a guy in our group. My first game of DND I killed a 5 year old character that this guy had been playing. He wasn't happy hahaha, I was shaking with excitement! I guess the moral of the story is, get the details before you get the job ;)

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