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Really? I watched some clips at work and had no problem committing to McBride in a serious role. I was more thrown off by Franco's decision to cram in all kinds of weird split screen shots into the flick.


Well, I only saw the trailer, so I can't comment on the whole film. But I've seen so many eps of Eastbound and Down, the Apatow movies, the fairy tale movie he and Franco made, that in my mind he's funny dude. I've type-cast him already.


I remember when I went to go see an action movie and all of the characters are in a mission control-type room with lots of monitors, and one of the techs turns around...and its ED FUCKING O'NEIL! Me and everyone in the theater were like, "AL BUNDY!"


Some people are cursed with too much success at one thing.

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"I didn't know this town had an emergency room..."

"Now you're catching on."


Wait, what?

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