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Gymkata - Omission

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This may in fact relate to Jason's point about the double space in the final title card...


At the beginning of the movie when KT is being briefed by the government guy about Parmistan and the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) the government guy was very clearly dubbed over.


At no point does he actually say "Star Wars"...it was added in post. Which begs the question: At what point was the Star Wars defense system tie-in actually a plot element? This movie came out in May of 85, Reagan gave the speech in March of 83. That leaves a little over 2 years difference. I couldn't find anything on the internet about the production history of this movie, so I have no idea when filming started, or how long it spent in post, but I still believe that it is very possible that filming had already started on the movie when Reagan gave that speech...and the decision to tie in the "Star Wars" program was made in the middle of production or maybe even in post.


Wish I could have asked this question at the show, I thought it was the game-changer Paul was looking for at the end...but my gf had already gotten picked by Paul so everything worked out.

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Given the sheer absurdity of this movie, I think the only logical conclusion to be drawn from the Star Wars references is that somehow Gymkata is set in the same universe as "Turkish Star Wars" which is also free on Youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQ_RZ-_JXU0.


I watched this at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas during a Whacky Wednesday show. HDTGM crew, I would highly recommend during a live show at the Drafthouse in Austin. Those guys are great and the crowd would be perfect for your podcast.

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Great episode. I'm glad someone finally mentioned that this movie was made by the same director as Enter the Dragon, although I'm surprised it took so long. However, there is an important piece of the story that you missed.


You said that the director went from working with Bruce Lee to making Gymkata. But something happened in between. When Robert Clouse made Enter the Dragon, he met funky karate master Jim Kelly. The very next movie Clouse directed was a Jim Kelly vehicle: an extremely HDTGM-worthy Karate blaxploitation flick called Black Belt Jones.


And Black Belt Jones is the prequel to a little movie you may have heard of called...


*****HOT POTATO!*****


That's how it's done, bitches.


This is brilliant all credit goes to Rimmer, which is a disgusting name.

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