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Episode 71 — The Glimmer Man

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Seriously guys, how did this get made????

I think it's been covered pretty well in the podcast and this discussion thread and I guess you could go to that Seagal message board if you have further questions and there's always IMDB.

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I think it's been covered pretty well in the podcast and this discussion thread and I guess you could go to that Seagal message board if you have further questions and there's always IMDB.


I'm just interested in the process that allows someone SO terrible at acting to star in a film, let alone many films. Does Seagal have some hidden appeal that I just don't understand? Do that many people just go crazy for martial arts?

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When Mr. Seagal tackles the kid through the window, Steven says "I hate my job." Yet he was the one who went out of his way to answer that call, and who very obviously loves his job. Why is Steven Seagal such a hypocritical asshole?

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The Tobolowsky story about convincing Seagal to kill the villain is even funnier in the context of John Leguizamo's stories from the set of "Executive Decision." Seagal had a small part in the movie and was supposed to die in the first act. Apparently this upset him quite a bit, and he went to the producers and said (cue Jason's Seagal voice), "How bout if instead of dying, my character lives?" They said no dice, and he pitched a fit and refused to come out of his trailer on the day they were supposed to film his death scene (per Leguizamo) before eventually capitulating.


I remember seeing the story in an interview on Conan and found it referenced here: http://forums.anandt...d.php?t=1963465 but I can't find video. I also found a great discussion of it on this Steven Seagal fan messageboard: http://www.steven-se...ut-seagal.2287/


Also, there is a Steven Seagal fan messageboard, and it is awesome.


I can't decide which is my favorite comment on that thread, the guy who talks about Russell and Seagal's chemistry or the guy who just says "Russel should have been the one who died."


Good times!

I remember seeing "Executive Decision" in the theater and being so surprised that Seagal got killed off immediately, but then I saw it again recently and was so surprised that he was even IN it, because I'd almost completely forgotten about that first 20 minutes or so.

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It might have been Spy magazine that did a hilarious 'expose' on how Seagal (contract stipulates non-Jewish pronunciation of last name) but how his Agent hoaxed their way into a stunning 6-picture deal.


I remember Siskel and Ebert complaining Seagull crossed the line between 'above-it-all confidence' to just an arrogant douche who walks through scenes like hes the only thing that matters.


Saw 'Glimmerman' and almost the only thing I remembered was being annoyed his disco-sounding nick-name reflected nothing of his fighting style.

Glimmer. this could make me think of a Ninja right? "We saw nothing, heard nothing.. then just caught a glimmer (of steel) in the corner of our eyes... zipppp! we were dead!"


As beautifully pointed out - Seagal's 'fighting style' is basically banging through the crowd like a tank and slapping people as they bounce off of him. Or he mows them down with his bulk.


And finally - JDR .. and I say this again - JDR moments never fail to be strange genius!

Superb Episode. There is a canceled Steven Seagal Reality Show where its edited (awkwardly) to make it appear he is not a deputy Sheriff simply repeating what the real cops say.. but as if Seagal is 'leading them' as their new Chief.. and its is EFFING HILARIOUS if you can find that online.

the 'HDTGM' of Reality TV. Cant even remember the name.. its comedy gold!

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