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Episode 79 — Deck the Halls: LIVE!

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The snow never melted because they were using a paper mulch snow effect. I worked on the show in it's last week of production. I was on a cleanup crew who, in addition to tearing down set pieces, were in charge of cleaning up the bits of paper left strewn all over the main street of Cloverdale (more commonly seen as Smallville). Everyday people would come up to us to vent about all the bits of paper that kept getting into their homes. By the end of the week we were still scooping up bits of 'Snow'.


Also it was hot as balls middle of the summer. We were sitting at about 30 Celsius (about 86 of your American Degrees) everyday and PAs were getting Heat Exhaustion every other , so I'm surprised that DeVito wasn't looking more glistened.




Oh yeah, I saw Akiva Schaffer doing a location scout and that's when i first learned about Hot Rod, so it balanced the experience out a bit.


Good lord, after listening to the episode again...this shoot does sound like it took place in Matthew Broderick's soul.

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