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Episode 264 — Creating A Krolliverse

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I love me some Jenny Slate, but Kroll was just KILLING it this episode. He was changing characters mid-sentence. The flow was crazy impressive. Also, count me in the group that isn't totally on board with the Big Bang stuff.

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By the way, the Kroll Show premiere was great. Jenny is SO funny in Publizity (it's based off their names).

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Just re-listening to this.


I have to say, Scott's promotion of store-DOT-earwolf-dotcooooom in the second break (54:03) was flipping hilarious.


In particular:

You can drink the hot sauce, you can put the pint glass on your favourite Mexican dish - I don't give a shit.

I was expecting him to use some sanitized non-sweary swear-word and the "shit" just killed me.

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