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Episode 176 — Hot Gomer Pyle

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Oh my God I couldn't STAND this episode! I love Whoch and Twoch but I seriously turned this off half way through.


I like the show for the humour and the good vibes. I don't like it when Natasha Leggero comes on and basically complains about every aspect of pop culture. We get it, Natasha, you're better than most people. Message received.


"Here's a song. Who even likes this crap? People who aren't as smart as me? Damn."


"Here's another song. All sports are stupid. Goddamn, I'm too smart and cultured for any of this stuff."


"There are crazy people on the streets in NYC! What the hell kind of major city has crazy people in it!? Better to stay in L.A. where I'm always either inside or in a car."


"Here's a movie. Wow, all movies suck! Even when I watch them on the giant TV I didn't set up properly!"


"Here's another movie! This also looks like shit unless you're some unimaginative loser! Wow, everything is terrible when you're me!"


Just exhausting. And depressing. It's not even comedy, it's just shitty teenage-style edginess. I like NL's standup but she has a really shit attitude for a pop culture podcast.


I miss Kulap! Or even just the other guest hosts!

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Natasha, the reason your new television is making everything look like garbage is because new televisions have this new setting that makes everything look like garbage and they're always enabled by default. They're made for show rooms, because they do look "real," but as you mentioned, that "realness" ends up making even the most beautifully photographed films look like Mexican soap operas.


This setting is typically called something like "Motion Smoothing" because it literally creates frames whole cloth in between the actual frames. Basically whoever invented this is the worst person ever, but what's really crazy is most people just think that's the way their tv is supposed to work. So good on you for realizing your tv is making movies look like shit rather than just accepting that's what it's supposed to be. Look for a setting called Motion Smoothing or something and turn it off. Here's an article all about it. I'm sure you read these comments, so I'm happy to help.


Secondly: I totally understand why some people would find New York "unlivable," but for a lot of us, it's the only livable place in the country. I just did a little traveling around, including going to Austin -- which is a great city that I like a lot and have been to a bunch of times -- but after about two days I start thinking, "I have to get back to New York; I don't know how people live here." When you live in a city like New York that has everything you could possibly imagine all within a 30 minute bike ride, it's really hard to be somewhere where that isn't the case. Other cities just don't feel like cities at all to me. You get less space of course, but that's the price you pay for having everything you could possibly want right there -- even if what you want is some open space to feel like you aren't in a city at all. Again, it's definitely not for everyone, but it's a much more efficient way to live, and how big does your kitchen need to be, anyway? The weather can be awful, though. I'll give Kremer that.


Sorry for the long response. Modern country and Make-em-Ups are truly terrible, but I liked this episode, I love this show and I think Natasha is the best.

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