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Is that a Romeo & Juliet reference?


Kind of. Originally the idea of using "Verona" in the name came from watching Baz Luhrmann's R & J many years ago. But the entire actual name came from driving through Wisconsin and finding nothing on the radio. The highway signs said I was close to Verona, WI, so I thought it was serendipitous. Plus I liked that it kinda sounded like something related to Shakespeare.

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Is this based off of a Pixies song? I know it sounds a lot like one...

No, I didn't actually even realize it sounded like them until it was completely done. Its actually another song of mine called Trembling Timbre, which I cut up and sang different words over. I never really got a Pixies vibe from original song, but the Plugs theme does sound a lot like them taken out of the context of the rest of the song.


Trembling Timbre can be heard at http://staticinveron...embling-timbre.

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