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  1. How have they not done this yet?
  2. HipGuide

    Episode 172.5 - Minisode 172.5

    i bet its besser or kroll because they have new projects to plug.
  3. HipGuide

    Episode 172.5 - Minisode 172.5

    Is this their first Denzel movie?
  4. HipGuide

    Mother! (2017)

    rian johnson thought it was hilarious.
  5. HipGuide

    Episode 155.5 - Minisode 155.5

    So Movie Bitches liked Collateral Beauty more than La La Land?
  6. HipGuide

    Episode 440 - Pop-TarTender

    Could you imagine Gabrus, and to an extent Besser, first hearing the drummer at parties rant?
  7. HipGuide

    Episode 436 - Rich Mind Vain

    he's "in exile" on a nickelodeon show.
  8. Jimmy's face looks like "I know! I don't know how it happened either!"
  9. HipGuide

    Who have been your favorite guests?

    Andy Richter was great, prepared for a very obscure movie.
  10. Becky is trolling, right
  11. HipGuide

    Episode 862 - Is NWA Rock 'n' Roll?

    They made the R&R Hall of Fame in Cleveland because the white guy played it on the radio, not because the black guys actually played it.
  12. HipGuide

    Episode 306.5 - Sklarbro County 211

    Don't you make fun of Glenn "Hurricane" Schwartz http://cdn.phillymag.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/glennschwartz.jpg
  13. HipGuide

    Episode 856 - Not Knowing Prince Shreds

    Also, the Prince songs played on mainstream radio were/are not guitar-centric, but synth-based, imo.
  14. HipGuide

    Episode 137 - The Avengers: LIVE!

    Paul F. didn't do impressions professionally until the Comedy Death Ray podcast.