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NJ 4th Edition D&D Group Looking for a Couple of New Recruits

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So obviously I love Brian and the crew and while I won't say our table is a replica, we do enjoy a good time... So if you're interested and in NJ (our players are in Ocean/Monmouth/Mercer) please contact me at spongejp@hotmail.com. Please put Nerd Poker in the subject line.


Some Info on the Group:

* we fancy ourselves comedians although we're really not

* we're between the ages of 32-42

* we're not big fans of being super serious and do not want rules lawyers or those that will optimize a character to death.

* we do love unique characters with strange, possibly horrifying, traits.

* we enjoy imbibing, responsibly of course, during our weekly game (Wednesday evening)

* We don't care about gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, etc... As long as you have good hygiene it's good enough for us!


That's all I can say about our posse... We'd love another solid player or two. We're struggling with three solid weekly players and three on again/off again types. We understand life happens and cancel now and again because we have careers and families but we like some semblance of consistency. We're flexible though, really, I promise.


So drop me a note should you be in the local area.



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I just wanted to say thank you to the fine folks here at Earwolf and of course the Nerd Poker crew. This forum actually helped us find a new player that fits in perfectly with our not always so serious 4th edition D&D group. Looks like I'll really have to get that donation to Brian and the crew sooner than later. Thanks!



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