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Episode 299 — Don’t Hack the SAC

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When I was growing up, I thought Brian Eno was Emo Phillips for years when I heard the name thanks to my love of UHF. I feel like my life just came full circle with the Brian Eno joke.

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Brian "Sour Puss" Eno is slated to produce Weird Al's next post-contract album.


The centerpiece will be a six minute ambient polka odyssey about how he feels nothing.


Seriously, Mr. Yankovic needs to write lyrics for "Music for Airports."

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kind of off topic, but this thread reminded me... earlier this year, Channel 4 aired a pilot of a show called Babylon. it was directed by Danny Boyle and written by Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong and it was (to use a colloquialism) fucking brilliant... do any of the Brits that post here have some idea if/when that might be coming back? the internet hasn't been much help whenever I try looking it up...


There's a Guardian article from february, when the pilot aired, and it says:


Tonight's pilot show, starring American Brit Marling alongside Nesbitt, is to be followed by a series later in the year.



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