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From IMDB: "In a futuristic society, rebels fighting against a fascist state are aided by a group of roller-skating nuns called the Bod Sisters."


From Rotten Tomatoes: "This low-budget martial arts fantasy adventure is set in LA after WW III and chronicles the battle between the wheelchair-bound peacenik nun Mother Speed and the wicked Dr. Saticoy. It seems that Mother possesses a special crystal (used in their worship of a big yellow "have a nice day," smiley face). The bad doctor and his skate-boarding goons are desperate to get it. Unfortunately, she is protected by her roller-blading beauties and he must send in a decoy in order to get it. Yes, it is as campy as it sounds. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi"


Is there a clip, you ask, of this train wreck? I mean, is there any evidence that the acting is as hilariously horrid as the concept? Of course. Of couse there is...


From YouTube:


Ah, but you doubt. Does this (let us be charitable and call it) film fall on that fine line betwixt crap and good film on which dwell delight and stupification in equal measure? Consider if you will:

  • healing hot tub
  • though titled Roller Blade, all characters wear roller skates - they carry blades
  • puppets
  • a dog in a nun's habit (could she actually be Nundercover..? - that bitch!)
  • psychic virgin
  • filmed in LA (surely without permission) with some locations still identifiable so now you know what the city will look like after World War III and in the weird rolling samuraiesque land of mutants and love that is sure to come


The videotape was passed around my dorm for years. Watched in reverence, wonder, and stupor. After graduation I was passing through LA and came upon Saticoy Street - that's when the shaking started.

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  • a dog in a nun's habit (could she actually be Nundercover..? - that bitch!)

Maybe it's an unintentional "Nundercover" prelude (prequel would be wrong, since I'm pretty sure that this came out first), or a "backdoor pilot" for the "Nundercover" franchise, much like how people forget that "Machete" is actually a spin-off of the "Spy Kids" movies!

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