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Episode 305 — CattleLickItUp

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Hey guys, this post is to announce my Indiegogo campaign - I am trying to raise $7500 so I can then donate it to Kulap's Indiegogo campaign to get the CBB appearance. Think this'll work?

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I don't think Jan-Michael Vincent was ever the recipient of a bullet, neither fortunate or unfortunate.

At least its not mentioned on his Wikipedia page.

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Gino is the perfect co-host, so I'm nominating him for a semi-full-time spot. His character brings out the best in Scott and the guests, and I just love his input to death. He's funny, generous, and nicely fades into the background when the focus shifts. Big shout-out to John Gabrus for this comedy creation.

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Manda Jones says at 14:34:


Pro racist gobshite comedy podcast. Even the white mans comedy is alienating


^ from Soundcloud. Yeesh.

I thought this episode was amazing.

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