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  1. This podcast is uniformly entertaining and innovative but every few weeks or so there is an episode like this or Dracula that just knocks the wind out of me with laughter. Listened to this coming home on NYC subway and looked like a loon to the people around me laughing with my headphones on. There was just one wave of laughter another like some kind of multiple podgasm.
  2. I thought Niptuck was a good guest even though I was unfamiliar with his work. Maybe next time he could speak closer into the mic when he does his impersonations.
  3. BrianBouton

    Sean and Hayes do it again!

    The guys "teaser freezer" segment predicted Zac Efron's latest movie "We Are Your Friends" would be incredible and really nail the music kids love today. Now DeadMaus---I think he's techno but I'm old---says the film restored his faith in music and it's the bomb which is something kids also say! Thank you for keeping me up on all the things my grandkids love so I'm not out of touch! Since listening to your show, they ignore me a lot less. https://www.thewrap.com/deadmau5-says-zac-efrons-latest-box-office-bomb-restored-his-faith-in-music/
  4. I was waiting all weekend for the guys thoughts on Charleston, and I was not disappointed. A beautiful episode, funny and enlightening.
  5. One of the BEST podcasts I've ever listened to ever. Matt, thank you for taking the huge leap by making this meta-tastic (umm, sounds like cancer) episode that hits the funny on so many levels. I had no clue what I was listening to at first, haven't seen Whiplash, and I was just dying by the end. SO DAMN GOOD. Please have Armin on at least once a year. On a sidenote, I thought it was amazing because we got to see an exaggerated version of you as a teacher and it made me imagine how wonderful you must be to work with at UCB. No joke. Just seeing an improv master at work even if you were acting as a bastard.
  6. BrianBouton

    EPISODE 339 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2015

    You're dead-on. Sanz' Kanye was DOA. I love the guy, but he often descends too quickly into the gutter for cheap laughs when he can do better. This ended up bringing the whole atmosphere down to toilet humor such as the unnecessarily repetitive cum fart references. Maybe it's me, but I sensed Scott was trying to rein it in but maybe this type of thing happens more frequently in live shows where some feel tempted to play down to the crowd.
  7. I typically love the musical podcasts, and Allison Weiss' music was exceptional, but the chemistry was just off in this episode. Not really a big deal as they can't all be winners but none of the premises really clicked. That being said, I hope musical podcasts will always be in the rotation as they've been some of the best ever.
  8. Such a damn good episode. Thank you, Matt, and all the other performers. Easily one of the best I4Hs of all time.
  9. I'd say Ben Schwartz' superpower is making other people funnier. He's a great presence but I find he brings out the best in everyone else.
  10. BrianBouton

    The Death of Topics?

    Look, I figured the guys had covered everything there is to know in their run but I'm still sad to see there have been no updates in months.
  11. This podcast was full of great eps including Great Bits, but I'm feeling guilty because as a lifetime U2 fan I just don't get this new album. Yes, I know all the band member names but none of these songs are clicking with me at all after several listens. I still feel embarrassed for the lovable Liverpool lads when I hear them singing Volcano or Santa Barbara (ugh!) What's wrong with me? I'm going to keep playing it because Arcade Fire's earlier work didn't click until about 8-10 spins. On a more positive note, my heart soared when Scott ended the podcast by saying many more eps including guests would be required to fully digest the album. I don't give a shit what band you talk about as long as we get more eps whenever you can sneak them into my iPhone.
  12. BrianBouton

    Episode 305 β€” CattleLickItUp

    Gino is the perfect co-host, so I'm nominating him for a semi-full-time spot. His character brings out the best in Scott and the guests, and I just love his input to death. He's funny, generous, and nicely fades into the background when the focus shifts. Big shout-out to John Gabrus for this comedy creation.
  13. BrianBouton

    Atlanta Study Group?

    Tsalyr, As a current member of three tri-state Topics groups that gather in the NYC area, I can attest to the difficulty in finding a group listing on Craigslist or on the local information channel. Many of these groups shun traditional marketing due to security issues. Sadly, there are many spoilers who would love to drive the discussion off-track or try to profit off the solutions that arise in getting to the 100% mark. When we solved the Middle East peace problem in our hour-long meeting some weeks back, we found someone diligently scribbling down unauthorized minute meetings which we were forced to seize. I won't reveal what shadowy foreign agency he worked for, but now we're forced to do background screenings on our membership. I'd suggest putting your name out there and wait for someone to contact you to meet in a public place and prepare to be thoroughly vetted before attending your first meeting. Here's hoping the first TOPICON in the Pine Barrens adopts these methods or the spies will be as thick as the mosquitos which breed in those swampy parts.
  14. BrianBouton

    Episode 47 β€” Perspectives on Writing

    I found this topic highly instructive as to what the difference is between non-fiction and fiction. I was once banned from a reading group because I argued the Lord of the Rings was non-fiction because it was a truthful account of their journey to Mordor. Now I see that even if Tolkien told us everything that happened (see the Simarillion), there wasn't actually a Middle Earth, hobbits, or a Sauron trying to take over the country. Well, there is not archaeological record, yet, but I imagine it's because they can't dig deep enough with all the big cities covering Europe and England.
  15. BrianBouton

    Episode 299 β€” Don’t Hack the SAC

    Please have the Vicar of Yanks explain the supernatural methods he uses to remain so youthful and energetic.