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The B.S. Report with Bill Simmons

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On this week's BS Report, Bill Simmons talked to a guest about the Relevance of U2 after releasing this new album. Bill talks about everything from the band members names, to the albums they've released, even names of specific songs. He was practically asking for tshirts and talking about when he first heard of U2!


He seems to be a genuine fan, who knows a lot of the band's history and would make a great guest. Can we get the StaindGlass internet campaign team on this?


The U2 Segment starts ~50 minute mark-


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Bill Simmons has been suspected of stealing content from other podcasts, in fact, I know for a FACT, he stole a segment from a basketball podcast I listen to, Bozos of Basketball. They had a segment where they did a scene from The Good Son, where you had to pick between two things, holding them both over a cliff and letting one go. The following week, Simmons played that EXACT same game...

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^^^ can confirm. he asked chuck klosterman in a podcast from today what his fuckstyle is

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