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Boyish Girl Interrupted Tour!!!!

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I saw Kyle and Tig last night in Ridgefield, CT and they crushed!!!


Kyle opened and did a half hour of great stuff, much of which I had not heard in the three times I've seen him perform before. Great interaction with the audience. He is a very strong stage performer. Left everyone wanting more!!


Then Tig came on and did an hour. I had not heard any of this material before, except a few "seeds" from PBO episodes. She is such a unique talent. Totally in control. Her pacing and personality just totally captivates. Lots of crown interaction.


Had a chance to chat with her very briefly at the merch table and get a picture. What a doll! As sweet as can be.


I strongly recommend that all Blastronauts see these guys if the opportunity presents itself. You will not be sorry! Four stars!!!!

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I recently went to see Tig at her London gig, and it was amazing. My friend and I were just beaming the whole time, and it always brings an extra smile to my face every new Blastoff ep.


I knew I'd enjoy seeing her live anyway, but was most definitely still impressed with how she came across.

It just interested me that despite the seeming low energy persona, just how strongly she commanded the stage and audience. Very impressive and fantastic to watch.



And as you said, a lot of crowd interaction here too which made a lot of stuff feel very original and exciting, and demonstrated just how great a comic and performer she truly is.



Being in the UK, I have such limited opportunities to see all the US comics that I adore and after devastatingly missing PFT's shows last year, I knew I HAD to make it to see Tig.


So it felt like a very special opportunity and I loved every second of it.

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