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Episode 28 — Michael Sheen

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Michael Sheen is a raconteur, a brilliant actor, and an adorable person with a true sense of wonder. Michael & Jeff chat about the best concert ever, how the Universal Studios studio tour is connected to the perfect Columbo episode, Frasier, one of Michael’s greatest moments in his life, and one of the most difficult scenes Michael shot for Masters of Sex.

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Firstly it's fantastic to have Jeff's podcast back, always a wonderful listen. Secondly, a brilliant episode with Michael Sheen who is a phenomenal actor. I know this movie never came up in the conversation with Jeff but Michael's portrayal of British Football (Soccer) Manager, Brian Clough in 'The Damned United' is something to behold. Absolutely nailed everything from his voice to his mannerisms. Well worth a watch


US Trailer below:


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