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Watching the boring Safe Haven this week made me remember the much more entertaining Where the Heart Is, aka Holy Shit Natalie Portman's life sucks in this movie.


Natalie Portman plays a woman who is pregnant and is abandoned in a Wal-Mart parking lot buy her loser boyfriend. So she lives in the Wal-Mart and gives birth there. The media thinks this is adorable and she gets lots of attention and support. Then her Mom (Sally Field) comes and steals the money leaving her alone with a baby and no money.


This is still the first 15 minutes of the movie.


Over the next 2 hours every possible calamity hits Natalie Portman and her friends.


There's a Tornado.

Pregnancy scares.



Someone becoming a huge country music hit and then losing it all to drug addiction before getting hit by a train and losing his legs.


It is a well made and acted movie, but the things that happen are just so unbelievable that it is next level bonkers.

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I remember this being an odd one. And the weirdest commercial for Wal-Mart I've ever seen.

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It's a bit saccharin but I don't think it's a terrible movie, although if they do do it $20 that Jason cries.

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