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Beyond the Sea

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All due respect to Kevin Spacey, who is a tremendously talented actor, but this passion project of his from 2004 is one of the most insane things I've ever seen. He produced, co-wrote, directed, and stars in a musical biopic of Bobby Darin - in most of the events of the movie Darin is in his 20's, while Spacey is in his mid 40's. This makes the whole sequence where he is wooing Sandra Dee off-the-charts creepy, because all we see is a middle-aged man relentlessly wearing down the resistance of an 18-year-old girl, WHILE SINGING.


Add in the bizarre meta framing device where "Darin" is shown to be making the movie about himself, and you have one of the most earnestly-strange misfires an acclaimed actor ever used all his clout to make.

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