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The Most Watchable How Did This Get Made Movies?

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Demolition Man, Face/Off, Con Air.


I mean, they're not good movies, but the 90's action formula was an effective one.

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Joyful Noise.

It's a dark horse in this race but with the proper amount of *whatever* in your system, and a room full of incredibly brave friends Joyful Noise is a delightful mess.


But Sleepaway Camp and Demolition Man are a given. Beautiful disasters.

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My top 5 (in no particular order, excluding franchises)


1. Roadhouse

2. The Devil's Advocate

3. Burlesque

4. Deep Blue Sea

5. Drive Angry


These 5 encompass everything I want in a movie: great music, sharks and fires. I never suspect the pyro-work in any of these films

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