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EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

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In a world where Donald Trump has a chance at becoming president, you COULD very well have that power. Tell you what, if any of this stuff comes true, I owe you a Coke, and you promise to smother me with a pillow. Deal?

Yes, And you won't even see me coming...for either of those things. Random Coke shows up out of nowhere. Later on, random pillow smotherer shows up out of nowhere.

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what i'm baffled about is something that to me is so commonplace and such a basic flavor combination as chicken and applesauce being completely foreign and absurd to someone. i had never actually realized that it was such a specific belgian thing, i thought it was a general food thing. i had definitely not considered that it could be foreign to anyone


I could be wrong because we're discussing words spoken on a recording, but I thought they were talking about "chicken applesauce" as in applesauce with bits of chicken in it. I think applesauce can be eaten on the same plate as just about any meat, so I don't think they were saying eating applesauce and chicken in the same meal was insane, just that eating a 'chicken-applesauce' would be

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Welp I don't feel like going through 8 pages of what are surely mostly posts about the Howl app so I'm just going to jump right to the part where I say I enjoyed this episode. PFT and Gourley are always winners, nice to get them in both real and new character flavors!

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