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  1. Yippeeee Taipei I say!
  2. They say the wheels on this bus called life go round and round, but who are "they" anyways, and why are they stalking my child's schoolbus?
  3. StanSitwell

    Episode 353 - I'm Above Jamming

    Great chanteuse quiz this week!
  4. My favorite thing about the State Home for Ugly People was that it housed prisoners who were deemed too old, but the security guards were all old. The bikers appeared to all fit the bill to be categorized as ugly too. I personally just feel cheated that we never got to see the Garbage Pail-Verse come to full maturity. I'm very interested in what other places exist in this universe, like the Non-Union Sweat Shop
  5. StanSitwell

    Episode 502 - Reese's Feces

    Great ep, Andy always brings a fun attitude to the show and Gemberling of course murdered it. As soon as his post-dental surgery bit was revealed I started losing it in public on a train, portmanteau bits for the history books!
  6. StanSitwell

    Episode 500 - The 500th Episode

    Wow, I can't believe that Lauren made a reference to something along these lines and some of you guys actually knew what she was talking about. Such a one off!
  7. StanSitwell

    Episode 500 - The 500th Episode

    That madness at the beginning is just so great, its why I get giddy when I see a lineup like this for an anniversary or specific number episode. Off the rails like its not even a joke, but I like that everyone settled in and almost sat around the campfire to hear Gino tell his awful tales
  8. StanSitwell

    #CBB500 T-Shirt Giveaway!

    I literally cannot remember exactly when, or exactly how I came into the knowledge that Comedy Bang Bang existed, but it was somewhere around episodes 150-200. Years later now, I could never ever tally up all of the moments of sitting in my car in traffic laughing my ass off like a crazy person, or washing dishes with a bluetooth speaker on, or walking down the city streets with headphones on, but I know that CBB has gotten me through countless boring moments in public, traffic jams, and painfully monotonous chores over the years. When I've had bad days, stressed at work or in life, every Monday, litrally without fail Scotty Auks comes through with another episode that at worst gets me through the day and at best keeps me chatting with friends and family about the ridiculous moments that occurred that week. Beyond the great laughs, listening to CBB got me into podcasts in general, from Who Charted and HDTGM to podcasts maybe not on this podcast network which I wont mention by name. I now see the contest is closed, so I guess I've wasted these few minutes writing this dissertation, but thanks Scott and company. I will hope against hope that years from now, somehow, CBB will still be bringing me laughs every week
  9. StanSitwell

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    So does everyone also think Kyle was accidentally playing a character at the end? How could he both play a character and not understand the gist of the show?
  10. StanSitwell

    Episode 498 - What That DOS

    absolutely agree on all fronts, not a dig, I kind of like how you can sniff out the true owner of a voice sometimes by the tone hidden in the background. Kind of how after seeing a 5 second ad for the Gong Show and only hearing the host say "OHH!" I was thinking 'was that Mike Myers?'
  11. StanSitwell

    Episode 498 - What That DOS

    I don't get it, why is Eddie Pepitone not listed on the episode when he was clearly playing that Boston character? /s seriously though, that "Boston" accent had trace levels of British and New Yawk in it, like a damn prism
  12. StanSitwell

    Episode 499 - The Freak

    Wow, well now I'm motivated to finish up last week's bonus ep and get to this. Ever since I saw young Kyle Mooney as Norm MacDonald's frazzled nephew on his Sports Show, I knew he would be big. Since I've seen Kyle do a whole lot of irreverent counter-comedy type of thing and he seems to be buds with Bibby Moynihan, I'm going to assume he knew what was going on, but I'm very intrigued
  13. StanSitwell

    Episode 497 - Wait Awhile

    Ugh Horatio is so good, I need him to be a more frequent guest
  14. StanSitwell

    Episode 496 - The Dream Lords

    Great ep, Andrea has been an A+ or should I say C+ podcast guest, specifically on Never Not Funny. She needs to be on more!!!
  15. I hope they continue to rehash this gameshow discussion. Just about everyone wants to chime in about it, so it will be fun to watch the idea evolve and eventually come to fruition with Jimmy becoming the new face of Playboy TV