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EPISODE 153 — Farewell...For Now

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I hope this forum moving to the "Earwolf Classics" section doesn't mean anything permanent has been decided upon. :(

The forum hierarchy bears no reflection on the fate of the show, about which I have zero knowledge. This was just housekeeping to keep active shows (and perennial fan favorites) on top. If Mr. Posehn resurrects Nerd Poker, it'll take me 10 seconds to move it back.

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A few of us are doing our part and are finding playing D&D on Roll20.net pretty fun. Our campaign is currently full, goofy as fuck, and I encourage others to start their own. It's quite fun.


Maybe with enough dedication it will show the crew we are still wanting Nerd Poker on the internet radio waves.

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Hurry up and come back on the podcast thingy, I want your take on the new Star Wars Movie...and how it was worse than episodes 1-3 !!!

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