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Episode 3 — Never Date a "Brown"

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One of the best parts of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast is the way it introduces tremendously funny people to a wider audience. How many of you knew who Jackie Clarke was before this episode? Oh yeah, I forgot most of you are nerds. Well, did you have ANY idea that the author Greg Behrendt is also a comedian? Oh right, he's an amazing legendary comedian we've all known and loved for years. Well, how about the fact…aww, nevermind this game is no fun. Of course you all know that Nick Thune is tremendously hilarious! Just go on and listen!

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I never liked Greg Behrendt. I always thought he looked too much like some dumb surfer dude. He's actually pretty funny when you can't see him.

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I'd love to hear a song from The Naked Postmen (had to look it up after Scott dropped that astonishing and yet mysterious trivia-bit about No Doubt).


It's still Doug Leaves Movies (though this time totally understandable). I wonder how long it will take until someone gets the idea of rescheduling the podcast instead forcing Doug out of the movie theater. It's inhuman!


Nick Thune's performance was pretty funny and so far my most laughing out loud moment.

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