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  1. There once was a man from Nantucket, whose dick was so big he had trouble finding jeans that fit properly.
  2. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 45 — Cyberthug Take Over Pt Three

    Another great takeover. Even though Jerry stopped being Cyber Thug about 20 minutes into the show. I guess he needs Miles to keep him going.
  3. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 43 — Good One!

    What can i say that hasn't already been said? Casey Wilson turns me on. Tig's not so bad herself, though I believe, I'm not her type. Rory was great at being awful at What am I thinking?
  4. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 42 — Winter Olympic Fever: Deux!

    I couldn't tell if Scott was choked up or just had a sore throat. It sounded like he had a lozenge in his mouth. All around fantastic show. The end was touching, and didn't bring the show down at all. Although, I'm glad he didn't do it at the top.
  5. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 41 — Winter Olympic Fever

    Three genuinely funny guests. No real down time. A solid episode. I loved it. Good morning.
  6. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 39 — The Premiere of Bob Ducca

    If this episode were just an hour of Bob Ducca reading his list of names, I would have been just as happy.
  7. BrandonMLytle

    Episode B3 — Live from UCB NY!

    The baby thing did go on too long and went nowhere really. Overall I still enjoyed this one. Scott never fails to make me laugh.
  8. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 38 — Paul F. Tompkins Steps In

    We'll never know what Paul says at the end!
  9. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 37 — Exclusive Prince Interview

    It's great how funny they think Hannibal Buress is. Too bad he never actually said anything. It was basically the Todd Glass show, but I'm not complaining about that. He's a funny guy.
  10. BrandonMLytle

    Episode B2 — Live from SF Sketchfest!

    I forgot Michael Ian Black was even in this. He was so quiet. Andrew Lloyd Webber stole the show!
  11. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 35 — And a Happy New Year!

    This show has brought me to tears more times than anything else in my life. Brett Gelman was fantastic.
  12. BrandonMLytle

    Episode BO2009 — The Best of 2009

    Great episode. My two favorite characters with my one favorite host. What more could one ask for?
  13. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 34 — Have a Merry Christmas...

    Paul F. Tompkins' John C. Reilly is pretty much the best thing ever. I was certainly crying real tears by the end of this episode. El Gatto!!
  14. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 33 — Welcome to Jamrock

    I hope to hear more of Kyle on this show in the future. Also, Scott and Paul should be on it as well.
  15. BrandonMLytle

    Episode 32 — Raaaaaaaandy!

    Brendan Small was fantastic. I forgot how good he is at voice work.