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i usually watch the HDTGM movie of the week on the saturday night before the episode is released but as I had seen fast 8 i decided to watch a bluray i bought a few months back ... Predator! Did you know it is 30 years since it was released? 30!!!! I hadn't watched it in years but it really holds up. And it looks amazing in HD.


It got me thinking. Is there any chance you could do a summer movie season again? Ye did one back in 2012. I'd love to revisit some more classic blockbusters.

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This question is for Shannon or Dan:


Paul hasn't answered a question on this thread since July of last year. Should it be retired in favor of the Explanation Hope Line?


A request for people who have asked a question recently but never received an answer - please call them into the EHL (1-800-PAULASK) Those are exactly the type of things I would love to hear Paul talk about/riff on!


Have a great day everyone!


Cameron "Sprinkle King" H.

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