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Episode 42 — Winter Olympic Fever: Deux!

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Comedy Bang Bang has caught winter-olympic fever, and has on some of the members of the world famous Georgian Olympic Figure Skating Team as well as the coach, who teach us what it means to be a famous figure skater in this world. Nick Thune is the co-host for the hour and treats us with a song off of his album Thick Noon. Plus once James Pumphrey shows up we get to hear some of the brilliant improvisation that makes the UCB and those who perform there so renowned.

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I wish the song at the end wasn't cut off.


The end of the episode is super emotional :(


You're the best Scott :)

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I couldn't tell if Scott was choked up or just had a sore throat. It sounded like he had a lozenge in his mouth. All around fantastic show. The end was touching, and didn't bring the show down at all. Although, I'm glad he didn't do it at the top.

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