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Episode 226 - Porta Squatty Potty: LIVE from SF Sketch Fest

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My first live taping of i4h, I thought it was absolutely amazing...Glad to see y'all thought it was worthy of such high praise and I wasn't just biased by being in attendance.

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Did the scenes seem short to anyone else? Might that have been to go easy on the new guy?


Potentially, but I think the live shows generally have shorter scenes -- since Matty B doesn't have the luxury of editing scenes whenever he wants to in post for studio shows, it's safer to err on the shorter side, as you don't want a scene to drag on and fizzle out due to a missed edit point.

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Couldn't stop laughing during the the Guy Fieri scene. What a brilliant frame by Gabrus. And Mary's genuine hesitance in how to respond to his Escalade comment was great.


Seriously, Gabrus is one of the greatest of all times on i4h. Adomian is amazing at character work and the twist that Gabrus puts on everything is hysterical.

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Im sorry but what was with the waiting 3 years for your 6th ball thing? What did I miss?


(EDIT: I missed all of Game of Thrones.)

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