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Episode BO2010 — The Best of 2010

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Tis the season to relive your favorite comedy bits from the year! You voted and the answers are in for the best characters, guests, songs, and episodes of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast 2010. Scott and some of Earwolf's closest friends count down the awards while lifting the curtain on what goes into making Comedy Bang Bang so special and hilarious. Thanks for listening this year and happy holidays!

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Dammit, I listen to Comedy Deathray/Bang Bang for comedy, not poignant musical tributes to the dearly departed! Thomas Lennon's acoustic performance of "I Am Not Food" will soon probably take the place of Puff Daddy's "I'll Be Missing You" for YouTube tributes to deceased friends and family members, and I suspect in 100 years time, it will be a funeral staple. It'll be probably be played at more funerals than "Amazing Grace" because the great part about it is it speaks of what it is to be human, and doesn't subscribe to any one religious school so it can be played for anyone.

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Pour one out for the dearest, departed Lil' Gary.

I shed a tear for thee, littlest of Garys.


I'm glad Comedy Def Guy was able to have such a heartfelt tribute performed on the podcast.

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