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Episode 2 - Seattle

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After Cameron Crowe satirized Seattle in his 1992 classic film Singles, a single comedic question hung in the air like a thick Seattle mist. "Is there any more funny to be found in Seattle?” In episode 2 of FTF, the Sklar brothers explore hip neighborhood restaurants, legendary coffee houses, fertile record stores, local weed shops and even the top of the Space Needle in search of the quirks that make Seattle funny in 2015. What they find is that behind every brand new Amazon employee filled condo complex lurks a treasure trove of comedic gems just waiting to be mined. Here's the question: can Randy and Jason dig out comedy gold or will they go the way of the giant drill digging a tunnel near Pike's Place Market? You have to listen to find out. This is Finding The Funny: Seattle… produced by Scott Rogowsky.




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