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Episode 2 - Did Aliens Build the Pyramids?

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Thanks to shows like Ancient Aliens, the idea that early civilizations could create structures like the Great Pyramids without supernatural help is being questioned more than ever. On this second installment of Good Question, Jack learns about the staggering things prehistoric peoples were able to accomplish, no aliens required. First, he will talk to Charles Mann, the author of "1491," about the surprisingly advanced technology North Americans had before Columbus arrived. Then, Jack interviews historian Felipe Fernandez-Armesto about the roles of art, gender and cannibalism in ancient civilizations.



Here on Howl

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this was a really thoughtful discussion, and if you're spooked by the title, thinking this is a wacko podcast, I can certainly say it's not that, we quickly move into serious talk. I look forward to many more of these. Thanks, Jack!

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