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Episode 3 - Austin

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Austin, Tx, is one of the worst kept secrets in America. With 140 people moving to the city every day, Austin's skyline boasts more cranes than an origami festival. Austin, with it's rich music and film history, has long been a place for anyone with a good JFK conspiracy theory to set up residence. But everyone in Austin will remind you that they remember when the city was better. This is the backdrop as Randy and Jason touch down and have three days to write 5 to 10 minutes of good Austin material for the comedy fans at Capitol City Comedy Club. Throughout the weekend, they along with producer Scott "Rags" Rogowsky, Randy and Jason go everywhere from BBQ to Whole Foods HQ... from record stores to honkytonk dancefloors in an effort to see if Austin has been kept weird. Can they do it? Can they bring to light new interesting quirks about a town that has been self reflexive ever since Richard Linklater made Slacker over a quarter of a century ago? To find out, you must listen to episode 3 of Finding the Funny...Austin.




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