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Rock 'n' Roll High School Forever (1991)

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Hi. I would love if you guys could watch and review an 80,s classic(sorta) Rock n roll high school forever. Corey Feldman and his band The Eradicators just want to rock the high school until a new cruel principle named Darth Vader shows up, and try to put the school under marshal law. Full of cheese and what the fuck moments, your show cant miss this one.

love the show Matt

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^^^^^THIS! THIS! THIS! Came here to recommend this movie, but I did a search [your welcome, Admin] and it's already here. I think this is the quintessential HDTGM movie. I LOVED it as a kid. I even had a poster of the box art that I got from a video store freebee bin on my wall. I came back to it later as a [pot smoking] adult and found that it was still very entertaining.

This time, the Ramones have been replaced with The Pursuit of Happiness [i'm An Adult Now, Cigarette Dangles]; who were actually a pretty good band. They don't appear onscreen as the Ramones did in the first movie, but their semi-hit I'm An Adult Now is playing on a TV at one point, and they wrote and recorded a theme song for the movie.

Featuring Corey Feldman, deeply entrenched in his Michael Jackson obsession, and Mojo Nixon as the Spirit of Rock and Roll. Come on, Matt! You HAVE to do this movie. It is PERFECT for the show!

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