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Episode 1 - Chicago: The Food Guy

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Welcome to First Comes Love where comics read porn scripts in front of a live audience! In this episode, host Kyle Ayers takes the show to Chicago where he received an education on food porn… not the kind that Anthony Bourdain makes. You’ll also hear readings from a Mad Men parody, an appropriately titled There Will Be Blood parody, “There Will Be Come,” A Terminator parody entitled, “The Sperminator,” and a porno where the presidential candidates are in high school.


Cast: Dan Friesen, Asher Perlman, Susan Glynn, Ryan Asher, Tim Lamphier, Meaghan Strickland, Dave Maher, Nick Mesaad, Sarah Dell’Amico, Scott Nelson, Lucas Rim, Micah Sterenberg, Max Lipchitz, Dillon Cassidy.


Special thanks to Dillon Cassidy and the Crowd Theater, Daniel Shar, and Craig Savitsky.


Theme Music: Erin & MeLissa




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