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Episode 6 - Tracy Clayton: Hamilton Privilege

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Podcast maven Tracy Clayton (Another Round) is here and she's ready to confess the number of times she's gone to see Hamilton (both the musical and that one statue in Boston). Of the many things Tracy loves about the show, she particularly adores how it challenges the distinction between high and low art. She tells us why her current favorite Hamilton song is "Non-Stop" and what it was like to interview Lin-Manuel Miranda. We want to hear you and yours belt out your favorite songs from the show. Warm up your vocal cords and give us a call: 937-9MYSHOT.

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OMG YES TRACY! Phantom IS a terrible!! I'm glad they did not edit out this controversy, it needed to be heard.


I could seriously write a 9 paragraph screed right now, but I won't cause a lot of people really love that musical and I don't wanna be that person. But I needed to publicly agree with Tracy's statement.

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I am a fan of Phantom but holy moly I am not a fan of Mamma Mia. Even though I totally love ABBA I think that musical is just so lame.

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