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Homework: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982)

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How the hell did Generations make any sense to you as your gateway? What was Whoopi Goldberg doing there, and how did she get in Picard's dreams? What's the significance of Kirk's death? What's the white-skinned robot doing with this emotion chip thing? Why didn't Picard go back further in time than he did?* Who put the ship's counsellor in charge of the saucer section? Who are these Klingon chicks? What's with the guy with the eye thing?


* - Some have nothing to do with continuity, they don't make sense to anybody.


In Star Trek Generations ALL of the stuff above is either insignificant to the story, is explicity explained, or implied well enough so that subconsciously I filled in the gaps. Either way, it intrigued me enough to go back and watch the OST and Next Generation as well as Deep Space 9.

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