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Episode 51 - Melanie Lynskey

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Beloved actress Melanie Lynskey (HBO's Togetherness, Heavenly Creatures) joins Sarah and Susan to talk about Beyonce's "All Night" from Lemonade, the moment when Sawyer Fredericks won The Voice, Conor Oberst's "Lenders In The Temple," and the British romantic film 45 Years.

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Melanie is such a delight!


I, too, am upset that Togetherness wasn't renewed for a third season. I'm sure the ending turned out the way it did because the writers felt like they couldn't leave the protagonists hanging in limbo. It's also a total bummer because she really embodied this flawed character that did somewhat shitty things who you could empathize with, but not feel hatred or martyrdom towards (not sure that makes sense, but "oh duh, she's a human" is kinda the sentiment). Her character's arc was so great to watch this season and I wish it had a chance to go on longer. Not to mention the rest of the great cast Mark Duplass and Amanda Peet (!!!), but also Steve Zissis who I was so stoked to see again after being blown away by The Do Deca Pentathlon. Totally sucks that this smaller narrative doesn't have a place on tv anymore.


Anyway, Melanie has such a positive and realistic look on relationships, her comforting voice should narrate all of our internal monologues.


Thanks for this podcast!! Everyone should have a long collective cry--just not from this election season.

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