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Episode 154 - Brandon Wardell, Our Close Friend

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How much pod could a podcast cast if a podcast could cast pod?


A. As much as alien overlord will allow

B. Hot dog go to bathroom

C. Hamburger sandwich go to movie

D. Just enough to knock you out of the dull dark and dreary grayness in which our souls are forever banished on this whirling turd ball of rock we call planet



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I've not listened to "This American Life" (or should I say I've not "List-ened American Life"?) so I'm not sure if the following picture that I created using my computer is


A) Satire

B) Nonsense

C) A bad pun

D) Offensive

E) Been done before

F) A picture of the wrong guy

G) Any combination of the above





PS: Is this worth tweeting?


Edit: I meant to type B) but something went wrong and a sexy sunglasses man appeared.


Edit2: What is going on? Have I been hacked? The sunglasses guy is fun, but I really need to type B)

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I want to be murdered by an IRA terrorist attack masterminded by Ira Glass

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My hot take on this American Life business...


Ira Glass - great name for an anthropomorphic cup in a new animated film where the characters are kitchen utensils who come alive in their cupboards at night and slowly find out that they are voiced by Seth Rogen and all his friends. Or is the name "I R a Glass" too tongue in cheek?


Anyway, that's my hot take for the week, and here it is your moment of zen:

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HHFFFL Week Nine halftime scores, brought to you by cheap wine & nap time snores:


Made with real Koenig Sugar LEAD The Winnipeg Murder, 21-17


The Flint Mi Marc-Maron-i And Cheeses LEAD The Hollywood Name-Droppers, 24-14


Ira Glass & DVD of K-Pax LEAD Knights of Columbus & the Power of David Bowie, 14-10


The Lochteaser Freezer LEAD The Pietá & the Memory of Big Floppy Guy, 28-20


Team Joes Lerini LEAD Mutant League Football, Bela Lugosi as Dracula & the Howie Scream, 30-23


The New Hampshire Diarrhea Idiots LEAD Ledecky Don't Know Defense, 21-6


Fart Sound & Friends LEAD The War of Northern Aggression, 27-24


Dick Jokes, Vaping Hard AF & Blowing Huge F*cking Clouds & Being Smartest Kid in Class but Not Doing any Work LEAD Engineer in the Headlights, 13-9

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get a load of this 'nerds is cool' rant in the intro of this terrible track


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