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Another You (1991)

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So after Gene Wilder's passing I decided to celebrate his career by watching all the Gene Wilder/Richard Pryor collaborations that I remembered so fondly.


"Another You"? I don't remember that...


Oh My God. It's not just bad. It's badly bad. It's huge badly bad.


...and I'll be honest here. I can understand if this movie is too much of a bummer to review. Richard Pryor is clearly working through the early stages of MS in this, and no one wants to speak ill of the dead or disparage comedic heroes....but it's got so many HDTGM-able elements it's hard to dismiss. Just some of the highlights...


1. Gene Wildest worst haircut, ever.

2. Mercedes Ruehl as the sex-pot femme fatale. Mercedes Ruehl.

3. A giant hat that is clearly essential to the plot, but I couldn't tell you how. Maybe its a symbol?

4. A goofy "PG plot" riddled with profanity. Pryor drops two F-Bombs literally before the movie even starts. Who's this for?

5. The bad-ass marine from Avatar playing a prototypical 80's villain, in a 90's movie.

6. Director Peter Bogdonovich was called at midnight, five weeks into shooting, and fired.

7. A plot riddled with the most epic unnecessary convolutions.

8. Kevin Pollak in a role in which he only speaks in celebrity impressions.

9. It murdered a lot of careers. The writer never wrote another movie. After a 3 year hiatus the director returned to TV. Neither Wilder nor Pryor starred in another movie.

10. It cost 17 million. It made 2.8 million, more than half of that on the opening weekend.


Maybe I'm late to the party on this one, but I'd just never heard of it. How do you take these legendary ingredients and come up with this? Genuinely, how did this get made?



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