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Episode 266 - Matt's First Locker-Room Talk

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Jessica McKenna, Dominic Dierkes, and Brandon Gardner join Matt Besser this week to engage in consensual locker-room talk. Maggie Smith refuses to come out to sign for her packages, Tori Spelling lands a starring role as a boat, and the world’s most annoying poker player inspires a scene that follows the life of man with mirrors in his eyes.

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Please don't tell me Matty B genuinely believes Jill Stein is an anti-vaxxer

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Here's the breakdown for this episode:


(00:26 - 6:43) Intro story - Uber drivers voting for trump? - Uber driver wont leave the politics alone

(07:01 - 18:29) Intro story - Matt's first locker room talk - Yhe consensual kind of locker room talk

(18:36 - 25:42) Twitter suggestion - "Its all over now, baby blue" - Maggie Smith wont come out to sign for her packages

(25:58 - 41:11) Twitter suggestion/Question from Listener - "When did an improv bit go too far?" - Tori spelling is offered a movie role as a joke at a party

(44:27 - 1:00:09) Crap on youtube - "the moment will kassouf was eliminated from WSOP" - Trying to play poker when your eyes are like mirrors

(1:00:16 - 1:07:35) Lets talk some more about that - Whats the difference between stupid and uneducated? - A stupid information booth

(1:07:51 - 1:15:00) Question from listener - "Have you ever caught your parents in a bold faced lie?" - Being near weed will get you messed up

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"When I say 'You people', I mean everyone in the world except for me" should be engraved on Matt's tombstone.

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