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Episode 301 - Blood From A Stone

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In the first Earmovie of Season 3, “Blood from a Stone” by Bill Palmer is both a tribute and a send-up of the blood-spattered heydays of irresponsible 1980’s action films. Sean Sharpstone (Paul Scheer), is a muscle-bound renegade cop wrapped in acid-wash denim and dipped in pure testosterone. It’s 1986 in Los Angeles, and Sharpstone’s loose fists and tight jeans are the only things that can stop a spider-worshipping cult from creating an invisible network that will change the face of the nation – something they’re calling a “Worldwide Web”. When Sharpstone slides behind the wheel of his t-top Camaro, rules, consequences and ethical behavior take a backseat to broken bones, severed limbs and one-liners delivered to corpses. You’re invited to sit shotgun. Starring Paul Scheer, Gregg Henry, Troy Blendell, Liza Lapira, Larry Poindexter, Alex Ashbaugh, Mousa Kraish, and Rane Jameson. Original Music by Ryan Connor. Main Theme by Ryan Connor and Jeaux Janovsky. Bill Carter Theme by Brett Morris.

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