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Judges understanding the podcasts

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There has been a lot of discussion about the contestant's intros and judges not understanding the show's concepts. It seems that listeners don't like that each week the shows are being introduced to the judges (which can get repetitive) or that some shows are at a disadvantage due to more complex concepts or everyone gets confused about everything that is happening. As people who work on the Earwolf Challenge (I really appreciate all the hard work you guys are putting into it!) have pointed out, the judges don't have time to listen to all these shows every week.

Couldn't you take the iTunes descriptions of the podcasts, put them onto a sheet of paper and give it to the judges when they come into the studio. They could read it while stuff is getting set up or even while Matt is introducing the show. They could keep it in front of them as a reference while each submission is being introduced. This could hopefully stop Matt from having to tell the judges about each podcast or stop the judges from being confused about submissions after the fact. It wouldn't take very long to do or read. It would still put the job of getting the podcast's concept across on the contestants since, I'm assuming, they write their own summaries. Plus it would be more true to life since (like Jimmy Pardo said in week one) I've never listened to a podcast without reading their summary.

If anyone agrees, disagrees, thinks I'm an idiot, or wants to explain how this can't work let me know!

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I don't think that's a bad idea. I like that in the lastest coaching session Matt ordered Bob and Dan to have a one sentence pitch line by the next round.

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