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Skiptrace (2016)

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Happy new year guys !


My vote this year goes for SKIPTRACE.

It’s like Rush Hour with 10 times more dick punches.


Recently put on Netflix, it’s not only the weird-ass association of Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville, but also from the insane mind of Renny Harlin. Yes, “sharks are smarts” Renny Harlin.


With almost half the movie done in bad ADR (like REALLY bad, even for a Jackie film) and 20% of the dialogues occurring when we don’t see the characters (shots of their backs or random buildings), it’s a buddy action comedy road trip with a cop and a wise guy tracking down a criminal. Sounds familiar?


It also has a lot of crazy stuff: flashbacks and flashfowards all around, a bad guy so bad he’s on the phone the whole movie, horse pooping in the middle of a scene, the longest green-screen zip-line in movie history, Jackie Chan dreaming of owning an alpaca, and of course a mud fight.


And SO. MANY. DICK. PUNCHES. (even in the end titles bloopers)


It’s pretty much all of the "Jackie Chan American Movies" (from Rush Hour to Shanghai Noon to Tuxedo to Around the World in 80 Days) but with Renny Harlin giving directions.


Case in point: this BONKERS scene…


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If you can find it in Chinese with subtitles it works a lot better.

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