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Episode 274 - Um Um Um: LIVE at UCB Sunset

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Seth Morris, Chad Carter, Anthony Atamanuik, and Adam Pally join Matt Besser for a LIVE episode of improv4humans! Audience suggestions inspire scenes about hiding a legendary cow, a first-time gut wound, and three roommates posing as a demon. Youtube clips lead to an iPad with only mirror-related apps, an Amazon device that won’t stop ordering Tide, and regular fuck-party problems. Plus, special guest Landlady sings a song that inspires everybody not to dance.



274 - LIVE @ UCB Sunset w/ Seth Morris, Chad Carter, Anthony Atamanuik, and Adam Pally



(1:59 - 7:30) Audience Suggestion - “Jazz” - Dadsplaining


(7:31 - 13:09) Intro Story - Besser’s daughter tells a joke - Hiding a Scottish Highland Cow from your superintendent


(13:12 - 17:51) Question from Listener - “When was the last time you were in over your head” - Overtaken by “ums” at crucial moments


(17:56 - 22:35) Crap on Youtube - “Stupid? Woman pays $200 for FAKE Ipad at Gas Station in Texas” - Taking your mirror to Geek Squad


(24:24 - 28:57) Audience Suggestion- “Knife”- The first gut wound is always the best one


(29:04 - 34:54) Question from Listener - "What was it like living on your own for the first time?” - Tricking your landlord into thinking you and your 4 roommates are one person


(34:59 - 46:12) Let’s Hear a Song - “Electric Abdomen” - Everybody has a reason not to dance


(46:17 - 54:08) Crap on Youtube - “Amazon Alexa Goes Wild!” - Porn for the blind


(54:10 - 59:39) Let’s Talk Some More About That - Alexa court case - Trying not to order more Tide results in more Tide


(59:45 - 1:05:03) Audience Suggestion - “Squeamish” - Building a life around the perfect poop


(1:05:16 - 1:11:46) Man on the Street Interview - “Have you ever been upset about not being invited somewhere? - Can’t afford to not go to a wedding


(11:11:51 - 1:17:48) Crap on Youtube - “Your Standard Fuck Party” - Problems at the fuck party

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