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Please everyone listen - this movie was made for this podcast.

First of all, I am indeed High and therefore my ability to judge movies is on fucking point. This movie that my friend suggested is in Korean but y babes obvs get on the subtitles. It is ridiculous like to a point where, why get plastic surgery you can't have sex! Honestly this that im writing makes no sense but dudes, this movie is nutzzzz. Please everyone, I promise u will find it impossible. To understand. Adios gordos

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Ok so this actually would be a hilarious film for the team to tackle as their first foreign film.




200 Pounds Beauty is a 2006 Korean film in which the lead Hanna is the secret ghost singer to one of the most famous singers in Korea, but for some reason also has to work as a sex line operator to make ends meet. However sick of being ignored and mistreated by the singer and the producer (whom she has a crush on) she convinces (blackmails) one of her phone sex clients a plastic surgeon into giving her full body plastic surgery after a year of recovery she returns under a secret identity and attempts to become a pop star herself.




Even by Korean standards, this film is insane. It was a huge success making more than ten times its budget and receiving rave reviews.

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It took me a while but I've found an english subtitled version of the trailer.


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