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Episode 30 - Riley Silverman: How I Killed Your Founding Father

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Comedian Riley Silverman joins Travon to revisit "Your Obedient Servant" and explain how her journey with gender has reinforced her belief that, at heart, she's more of a Burr than a Hamilton. She also confesses the unorthodox way she watched Hamilton for the first time. Plus, they go on a Harry Potter tangent or two.

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So, Mike started this episode talking about how if he had been there, then they wouldn't have messed up and did the same song twice. I really don't appreciate the shade he's throwing here. I've gone through every podcast. He's been there for 16 out of 30 episodes. SIXTEEN. He gets a 53%. That's beyond failing. Travon is already doing a really great job hosting the show. Why is Drucker even a part of it? He's gone almost half the time. And when he's there, he doesn't really add anything. He just bitches about stuff. Can we get Travon a new co-host or let him just take over solo?

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